The saga began in December 2005, with the purchase of land and intent to build our dream getaway in the North Georgia Mountains. The home was scheduled to be completed by May, 2006, but the delays began almost immediately. As time continued, we were given many excuses and new deadlines that were never met. January 2007 arrived along with several notices in the mail, informing us of several financial obligations the builder did not pay. As a side note, the builder was paid in full from our bank as he claimed on paperwork! It became apparent that something was not right, and we decided to hire an attorney.

At that point, the builder filed for bankruptcy, and left us with an incomplete house and an empty bank account! At that point we did not know where to turn, until a relative mentioned the names Matthew and Irene Witt (Witt Building Company). After what we had just been through the thought of trusting another builder was not in the mix. A phone call was made and we met with Matthew and Irene, and immediately all the anguish and pain of our experience left us.

After one month of gathering all information and materials of what was missing, Matthew and Irene put together a plan and commitment of completion. Well, all I can say is that Matthew and Irene are a special gift, and truly an amazing couple, and we look forward to seeing them each time we come up to our Mountain Oasis. I myself am in Real Estate, and have also spent 30 years as an executive in corporate America, and have never worked with more honest and diligent people. Our home was completed on time, and finished with a higher standard; quality and craftsmanship then we originally set out to build. If you ever need to build, renovate, or just a friend, call Matthew and Irene!

Frank Carollo & Frank Coleman Atlanta, Georgia

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