Early during 2006, at my invitation, Matthew Witt of Witt Building Company, Inc., Ellijay, GA responded to inspect a 1200 square foot unfinished Blue Ridge, GA mountain cabin basement for the purpose of designing and contracting for its buildout. During this process I was impressed by Matthew’s energy, being approachable and flexible, knowledge of the construction profession, impeccable attention to detail and commitment to excellence with respect to these undertakings. However, before his proposal was completed and submitted, he was injured in an accident that was to take him off his existing jobs for several months. Upon discovering this prognosis, he spoke with me to ask that he be excused from this pending assignment in view of his change in personal circumstances. Reluctantly I agreed although Matthew had by then refined and sketched his innovative and very attractive plan on the basement floor without compensation.

This mid-five figure basement buildout contract was subsequently let to another home builder who, because I was holding him accountable for doing the job as contracted, walked off the job leaving a number of unacceptable construction issues behind for others to rectify. During March 2007, a year after our initial contact and being somewhat desperate to complete this project, I contacted Matthew again hoping he might be fully recovered and available for this assignment. He was booked to capacity but came up to the cabin again to look my situation over and together we agreed upon what it would take to bring this matter to an appropriate conclusion in a manner that would satisfy both of us.

Within a few days, he borrowed a few members of his crew off other jobs, oriented them and set them to their tasks at my construction site pursuant to our agreement. In short order (discounting the wait for substitute bath and kitchen cabinets and tops provided by others), these construction technicians had fully performed in a manner consistent with Matthew’s level of expertise, efficiency and commitment to excellence. Thus a very upsetting condition caused by others was properly and promptly remedied according to our agreement; on time, within budget and in a manner that permitted the both owner as well as Witt Building Company, Inc. to be justifiably proud. You can trust me; it doesn’t get any better than that. I feel adequately informed to, by this experience and with a number of past experiences in the construction industry with others, and do recommend Matthew Witt without reservation for any endeavor he may undertake with unreserved confidence he will in all cases justify my referral. Like me, his level of commitment is simple: whatever it takes. Respectfull Submitted,

October 26, 2007: Member Association of Certified Fraud Examiners American Institute of Certified Public Accountants· Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants

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